How to Get the First Java Developer Job

junior java developer job

Once you have sent java junior developer resume, and received an invitation for an interview, you need to understand what kind of knowledge you need to successfully pass the interview and get your first job. To be java developer a knowledge of Java is not enough. This is only 10% of what you need to know, and now we will deal with the remaining 90%.

We have gathered widespread the IDE, frameworks, some “chips” of the PLO as a whole, as well as reinforced all useful material in the form of links. However, if you find an article incomplete, be sure to share your feedback in the comments to it: this information will help those who began their path of development in the field of coding in Java.

Basic theoretical knowledge

java languageEverything starts with the PLO. It is the alpha and omega of all the issues that affect object-oriented programming languages. Prepare and banal questions from the category of “3 (or even 4) the principle of the PLO” and to task more difficult, for example, explain what is happening in the code written on a hypothetical programming language.

Often heard questions about OOP principles, access modifiers, collections, etc. But the fun only starts when you go directly to the PL.

Java is replete with libraries that provide more flexibility, but you can stumble and Java Core. Here are just a few of the issues on the language:

  1. What happens if you override equals () does not override hashCode ()?
  2. Why clone method is declared as protected?
  3. What is the difference between the final, finally and finalize ()? Tell us what it is.
  4. What happens if the only constructor will be declared as final?
  5. Tell us about all the methods of the Object class.
  6. What is the difference between equals () and ==?
  7. Abstract classes and interfaces: is there a difference?
  8. When is it better to use an ArrayList, and when – LinkedList?

And so on to infinity. To become a junior java developer, Java Core should be well aware of. But when you understand all the subtleties of the language, we can safely proceed to the study of frameworks.

English language

It is necessary. If you have very bad – sign up for courses. If everything is fine, but it would be better – British serials with subtitles to help.

Do not think that it is necessary only for the ability to read something like «toString» or «valueOf». Documentation, various problems whose solutions have long been waiting for you on Stack Overflow, helpful English-language materials – it’s really handy.

But the employer primarily wants, so you can freely communicate with foreign colleagues. In general, even if your dream job is in Germany, before learning how to «Deutsch zu sprechen», get your hands on the English: it is one of the pillars of the IT-sphere, without which you will not become java developer.


IntelliJ IDEA – everyone’s favorite, comfortable, “lamp” development environment. But very harmful, especially for a novice programmer. Accustomed to the “light” code in IntelliJ IDEA, you can always hate NetBeans and Eclipse (and experience with the latest IDE requires no means rare).

We started with IntelliJ? Well, try to “break the fingers” under Eclipse: it is a rewarding experience for both the user given the IDE, and for the programmer in general. But in general, perfect if you master all 3 IDE: resume and extend the useful life. Parallel to learn hotkeys, with which writing / testing and debugging code will be accelerated.

Operating system

Docker appeared, and somehow at once it became easier, but the knowledge of MacOS and / or Ubuntu is still the priority, if you want to become junior java developer. Work with them easier and more enjoyable due to the native console with the appropriate teams. Is it worth noting that not all of the Windows often fly, and free operating system – all at a premium (not, pirates do not use in companies, either litsenzionka or free running)?

If you look at the horror of programmers work with the console and magnify them true professionals, try to reach their level. Just install the appropriate OS and use: knowledge and skills will come with time itself.


The vast majority of companies focuses on the knowledge of MySQL – the universal tool for working with databases. But knowledge – does not mean a one-day experience, or “Yes, I’m with it once faced.” You have to really understand the needs and to be able to optimize the structure. Complicated? Start just to be able to install the database and study of the CRUD (create, read, update, delete).

Sometimes it may require knowledge of PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite, Redis, etc.


programming java codeHTML will be a good helper to work with servlets, GUI and more. Java is still used on the Web, in complex architectures, where the stability of the override. However, it no longer refers to the server-side. Still, knowledge of hypertext markup language plus will not be exact. Read more about HTML, you can check out here And more useful material for its study will find in this article.

XML data format – the eternal companion and parsing log files. Ability to work with XML is not critical, unless otherwise stated in the requirements, but it will show you as a programmer with the best hand.

But JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. Unlike the XML, is a compact text format data exchange and is designed for easy perception of the person. Often used in the exchange of information between the server and a web browser. The Internet abounds with materials about JSON, so you quickly understand how to work with them.


Spring MVC – the leader of the modern rating. To become junior java developer most companies require knowledge of the framework. The main reason – its universality. Roughly speaking, it is a set of frameworks that allow you to perform various tasks.

The JSF all a little different, and its main feature in conjunction with the components. Oracle has a support, a lot of additional tools, a friendly community and “human” documentation.

Vaadin is also focused on web development. Its main advantage is to work without the need to tie optional web-languages ​​such as JS, XML, HTML. It is well implemented MVP and MVC. The vacancy is less common these frameworks, but sometimes required.

The ability to read other people’s code

Yes, to be java developer, you need to think like java developer.

This work is often in a team, and this skill, like reading someone else’s code, be sure to take into account. If this experience is – use it in the resume and tell me about it in the interview. Otherwise, try to discover the Open Source and get involved in team development. Ability to work with someone else’s code is no less important than the knowledge of the language itself: it will show that you are good not only in his own style, but it can “adapt” to the other.

Employment Tips

  • Be sociable. Acquiring communication skills and expanding circle of friends, you accumulate valuable contacts and new knowledge. Actively participate in the interviews, not confined to himself after a “failure”.
  • Remember that the resume is your face, without which it is impossible to find a good job. To create a professional resume use it resume writing service – these guys will help you write a resume that will competently emphasize your strengths.
  • Not to stay in one place. Change your job if the company’s current increase does not even shine. . This is true for all incl for beginners who are afraid of losing their first job:. Always best to move forward.
  • Keep learning. Discovering new industries, technologies and frameworks, you give yourself a lot of opportunities to break on.
  • Learn to sell yourself. When it comes to scoring the desired wages, many banal shy, even if it deprives the tightness half of what they could get. Sensibly evaluate their strength and not afraid to express the desired level of salary to the employer.
  • Attend seminars, Hackathon, and other activities aimed at honing skills.
  • Read a book, use the services and solve puzzles (you can just answer questions Stack Overflow).
  • Prefer currency working for foreign companies. You can generally move to another country if speak English well, and your skills match the stated in the vacancy.

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